Caboose + Freckles - Red vs Blue Season 12

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Anonymous said: Hey quick question I know RVB starts soon but is it live streamed on rooster teeth's site?

It’s up for everyone on the roosterteeth site right now. It doesn’t really get livestreamed… (I lied earlier about the air time… I haven’t been keeping up with this season, so I was only going by what their site says)

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Anonymous said: Heya love your blog :)! Any chance you could tell me when red vs blue starts? Like in how many hours? Sorry to bother you :S

9pm central/10pm eastern/4 hours and 52 minutes from now

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vulcancaptain said: are u red team or blue team


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Blue team = Blue-tiful

Red team = D-red-ful

Don’t make the wrong choice, friends.

Red team = Red-ical

Blue team = Blue up own team mate 

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[pissed off growling]

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She was right. I can’t do this. I can’t… beat her! I could never beat her.

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You tried, bud.

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